Sowar 2015

Sowar- 2015:

Dear listener, You are part of this work.

These pieces will be completed by the pictures of your mind and the memories that they will summon, so unleash your imagination, as if every piece were composed personally for you.

Fly and you may find more meaning in this music than I was able to.

Track list: 

  1.  Pictures – Tareq Jundi
  2.  Amman- Edinburgh and vice versa
  3.  Passion- TJ
  4.  Down Town- TJ
  5.  Scenes from November 2012- TJ
  6.  Sama’I Arab- TJ
  7.  Late night Waltz- TJ
  8.  Petra- Tareq Younis and Tareq Jundi
  9.  To Amer- TJ
  10. Morning Dance- TJ
  11. Making of!